Structural Engineering Services

What We Do

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Full Service Structural Engineering

What We Do

Spoint1 specializes in structural engineering for both residential and commercial projects. We are pleased to offer a wide range of engineering, design, drafting, and consulting services, and pride ourselves on providing our clients with practical, buildable designs.

We put a special emphasis on common sense approaches to engineering and design. We work with our clients each and every day to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions to engineering challenges. Using the latest in technological advancements, we provide each project with unmatched experience and positive results.

Our Services Include

Structural Plans

We create complete structural drawings that support the architect and builder’s vision.

Renovation Design

Spoint1 creates the structural support needed to accomplish the visionary concepts for additions and renovations that shape people’s everyday lives.

Site Visits & Consulting

Spoint1 uses a knowledge and teaching based approach to consult our clients from cost savings to complete structural design. There is no greater accomplishment than working together to reach an end goal.

Damage Assessment

Natural and manmade disasters happen. Spoint1 determines the structural integrity of the existing building, while evaluating the next steps I getting you back into your home or business.

Field Repair Solutions

Spoint1 engineers inspect the facets involved with disaster or accidents that take place in our community. By Understanding building components and design, we can provide sound assessments on what needs to be accomplished.

Redline Reviews & Shop Drawings

At Spoint1, we know structural engineering. Let our team coordinate, review, and comment on the designs and ideas you have to make the permitting and building of your projects a seamless production.

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Consultation & Investigation

It’s not always clear what’s causing a problem in design or engineering solutions. If you need help determining the best path forward, Spoint1 is here to help. From how to make the best use of any new or existing asset to general engineering consultation, our team is here to be your premier partner in damage investigation. Our consultation investigation service helps discover the root causes of any existing structural problems and makes recommendations for any potential repairs.

Spoint1 is also equipped to provide both building code and due diligence inspections, as well as corresponding reports. Our experts utilize our consultation investigation process to help determine the costs involved in potential future projects, as well.

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Drafting & Design

Our drafting and design team is available for residential and commercial construction.
Our team creates:

  • Structural Plan Sets and Details
  • Field Repair Designs
  • Site Visit Observation Reports and Assessments
  • Small Commercial Construction

Spoint1 provides practical, buildable designs that simplify the project complexity and reduce overall cost.

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Project Development

Spoint1’s dedication to our customers means we offer the opportunity to have a member of our team oversee your project throughout its entire lifespan.

We team with you from the first phase all the way through the project’s completion. We provide you with a dedicated team member, who then works with the customer and informs them of the project status.

This service is especially useful for longer-term and ongoing projects with a construction manager as the primary contact. Our streamlined process guarantees clients are never left in the dark, ensuring a direct and responsive point of contact. Our project development team maintains an ongoing relationship with your project and the client, prioritizing their peace of mind at every critical juncture.